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BOMLink | Debug – Rule set preview

The rule set preview will help you to formulate, change and check the complete rule or a part of a rule.

How to use the Debug – rule set preview

Rule set preview can only be used when you load a project with ‘select model no preview’.

Step 1. Clicking on Debug will visualize the Rule set preview.

On the left side: hsbcad console.

Only the model entities related to the group type will be shown in this console.If the console is empty, no information about the type will be found in the selected model. Select 1 item to preview your expected result.

On the right side: all the properties regarding the selected entity.

Step 2. Select a wall element in the hsbcad console.

Step 3. Select the rule you want to check.

The expected result will show in the grey field.

Updated on 31/12/2021

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