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Generic filters

BOMLink | General overview hsbbomlink

Each type of group, based on a expression has 3 parts:

  • Filtering.
  • Mapping.
  • Quantity.

The following folders are used to run the BomLink configuration, and they are located in the hsbcad company folder:

../BomLink/Project/filename.bomlinkStores all the BomLink configuration.
../InventoryStores the inventory stock items input file.
../ReportTemplatesStores templates to output.
.hmlxThe hsbcad Modelx format containing all the design model data.

Launch the BomLink Configuration through ..\ProgramFiles\hsbcad\hcbcad20xx\BomLink\BomLinkConfiguration.exe
You can create a shortcut on your desktop to this icon.

It may also be possible to start the BomLink application within hsbcad from within the ribbon. In the Dutch Ribbon (hsbOutput\hsbBOMlink) in the UK Ribbon (hsbExport\BOMlink)

Dutch Ribbon
UK Ribbon

1. Create new: Create a new configuration.

2. Open: Open an existing configuration.

3. Save and Save as: To save a changed configuration or save a configuration as a new project.

4. Select model: Will run a preview output based on the loaded model without creating a report output. This will preview only checked groups or rules.

4a. Select model no preview: Will run a preview output based on a model selected without creating a report output. This will preview only checked groups or rules.

5. Run: Will run the report output based on the loaded model. This will run only checked groups or rules.

5a. Run select model: Will run the report output based on the selected model. This will run only checked groups or rules.

6. Alias Manager: To manage multiple database information from a single location. Assign an alias to each group of data instead of managing each information separately in the workflow of the rules.

7. Copy: Allows you to copy a rule, group, variables, output, assemblies or lists.

8. Paste: Allows you to paste the copied information to a new location. e.g. rule in another group (needs to be the same type). Also allows you to paste in a new configuration.

9. Find and replace: Looks up any type of word, variable, inventory item, etc and makes it possible to replace this.

Company folder: Shows the current company folder utilised in BomLink, click to change this company folder. Hover over this button to see the current company folder.

BOMLink | Project – Create a BomLink Project and set inventory location path.
BOMLink | Groups – Create groups by type.
BOMLink | Variables – Allows you to define a variable based on a specific type from the modelx data. These variables can be used in the rules.
BOMLink | Output – Define the type and location for output of data.
BOMLink | Assemblies – Create a group of items and assign them to a rule.
BOMLink | Lists – Create a list names with different item names.

Updated on 23/09/2021

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