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General overview

An Issue is a piece of data which you can attach to an element or an entity. These Issues can have a lot of data attached to it.


An Issue has different properties attached to itself. These properties consist of; Title, Assignee, Description, Priority, State, Type, Area, Comments and Documents.


Here you can name your Issue, this is also the name you will see in the Issue-List.


Here you can assign an issue to a team member. There will be a drop down list which holds all the usernames of team members.


Here you can add some additional information about the issue.


Add a priority to the Issue. At the moment there are 5 different priorities. These priorities are; On hold, Minor, Normal, Major and Critical. These priorities are also all color coded in the Issue-List.


There are some different states an Issue can be in. These states are; Closed, Resolved, Active and Active Due.


An Issue also has a type, which tells the user what the issue is. These types are; Clash, Default, Error or Request.


What area does the issue affect?


This is a big part of issues, here you can communicate with other users and tell team mates what your view is on the issue.

How to add comments to an issue

Step 1. Open up the comments section of the issue by clicking the comments accordion.

Step 2. In the Add Comment text field fill in the comment you want to add.

Step 3. Press ENTER and your comment will show up in the Comment-List.

Step 4. Close the comment accordion.

Step 5. Press save to add the comments to the Issue.


You can also add documents to issues, to show what part affect this issue or how it could be resolved.

How to upload a document to an issue

Step 1. Open an Issue or create a new Issue.

Step 2. Press the documents accordion to open the document list.

Step 3. Press the upload button and select a file to upload.

Step 4. Close the documents accordion and press save to save the documents.

Updated on 23/09/2021

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