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RoofHandles – Roofplane grippoints

The hsbcad roofplanes have a variety of handles to handle the roof surface.
This allows you to easily adapted the Roofplane.

1. Moving the segment

Each Roofplane edge (eaves, ridge, verges) has the “move segment” handle in the middle of the edge. With this handle, you can extend and shorten the roof edge in the roof pitch.

2. Add Vertex

Use this command to add more vertices to a Roofplane depending on the roof slope.

3. Add rectangle

The Add Rectangle, allows you to add Roofplanes or subtrackt really easy and quick.

4. Extend

At each vertex you will find two handles which you can shorten or extend the respective edge, taking into account the roof slope.

5. Move symmetrically

The option “move symmetrically” is only available at the verges.
This option allows you to extend or shorten the left and right roof edges at the same time.

6. Move the vertex

Move Vertex allows you to move the vertex directly, depending on the roof area.

Updated on 31/03/2022

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