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A group is defined so a type entity can be assigned to it. This defines area to create a rule based on the type. Groups are based on a certain type. A group will contain 1 or multiples expressions, all based on the type that has been chosen on group level.

Add GroupAdd a group if you need to create a new set of rules, based on a certain type. First click on add group, select a type.
Add RuleAdd an expression or beam type rule after you created or selected a group.
DeleteDelete a complete group or a rule.
NameName of group.
Move toGives you the list of possible groups where you can move this rule to.
Move up – downMoving up or down a formula, influences the process all functionality.
DebugVisualize the rulesetpreview functionality.


There are various types available in BomLink.

NoneCreate rules based on entire model and not to any one particular entity.
Analysed Tools
BeamCreate rules based on beams.
ElementLogCreate rules based on Log elements.
ElementRoofCreate rules based on stickframe roof elements.
ElementRoofSipCreate rules based on sip roof elements.
ElementWallSipCreate rules based on sip wall elements.
ElementWallStickFrameCreate rules based on wall stickframe elements.
ERoofPlaneCreate rules based on roof planes.
HardwareCreate rules based on hardware components.
OpeningRoofCreate rules based on stickframe floor and roof.
OpeningsCreate rules based on openings unrelated to elements.
OpeningStickFrameCreate rules based on opening in stickframe walls, whilst still giving you access to stickframe parameters.
SheetCreate rules based on sheets.
SipCreate rules based on sip/clt panels.
TslInstanceCreate rules based on TSL parameters.
Wall ConnectionsCreate rules based on wall junctions.


Once a group is defined with a type, a rule is created based on that type to get an output.

The rules can be:

Beamtype RuleOnly possible in the type Beam. The Beam Rule matches standard beam sections and lengths and makes it possible to switch the Length / Width of a beam.
Expression RuleBased on the type parameters selected.

Filter Expression

Create the highest level filtering on the data of the type selected. This will also enhance the performance output within BomLink. An example of this below is using the type ElementWallStickframe with a filter on walltypes to use only walls with ‘External’ set in the Alias manager. The advantage of this filter is that all other data is now discarded so that the expression rule will now only analyse a finite amount of data, thus a faster performance.

In the filter expression also comments can be used when there are multiple filtering rules. Using // for a complete comment rule, or /* comment */ for commenting words in a filtering rule.

Adding additional comments to the filters

Process All

This will process every rule in the type, on the complete data available in hsbcad Modelx.

By default BomLink processes each expression/beam rule by order, starting with the first rule, analysing the data and if true removing the data from the selection analysis and made ready to be outputted. The next rule is then processed, on the data that is remaining.

Switching on ‘Process all’ will process the first rule on all the data in hsbcad Modelx, making ready the data to be outputted, then it wil process the next rule, again based on all the data in hsbcad Modelx at the beginning.

Updated on 31/12/2021

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