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How to insert Electricity

We have different tsl that can add Electricity and Electricity tubes

hsb_E-InstallationPoint: This tsl will add Electricity, gas or water symbols to an Element.
hsb_E-InstallationTube: This tsl will add a tube or a line where the tube needs to come on an Element.
hsbCAD_Electrical Circuit: This tsl creates an Electrical circuit in a Wall Element.
hsbCAD_Electrical Fixture:  This tsl creates Electrical fixture in a Wall Element.

hsb_P-InstallationPoint: This tsl will add Electricity to a Panel Element.
hsbCLT-Electra: This tsl will add Electricity to a Panel Wall.
hsbPanelElectra: This tsl has been replaced by the hsbCLT-Electra.

Updated on 30/12/2021

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