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How to create a map inventory rule

MappingCreate a mapping of a rule to an inventory item.
QuantityCreate the rule to quantify the items mapped.  Note the rule can map to the hsbcad Modelx items to assist in quatification.
RoundingRound the value output from the rule – 1. Round to a decimal place 2. Round up to nearest whole number 3. Round down to nearest whole number.

Example of an inventory rule

Situation: Plywood sheets exist in a model that are less than width of sheets in the inventory. A quantity of those sheets are required.

Task: Find the sheets of Plywood less than width specified in the inventory and map them to the product group inventory OPW.

Step 1: As a pre-requisite, a group filter has been applied to filter all plywood sheets. The filter looks for a material containing the word ‘Ply’.

Step 2: In filtering m.Length>2700 looks at length of all Ply sheets less than 2700 and filter these out for the selection criteria.

Step 3: In mapping, the sheets of ply from the selection criteria are mapped to the prodgroup id ‘OPW’ in the inventory when the depth of sheet in the inventory equals 2740, the width of sheet in the inventory equals 1200 and the height of sheet in the model equals height of sheet in the inventory are all true.

Step 4: In quantity the width of sheets in the model (m.width selects the width from the model) meeting selection criteria get divided by 1200.

Step 5: Round up will take the result and round it up to the next whole number.

Updated on 31/12/2021

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